Ethics Law and Professional Practise Essay

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Ethics, Law and Professional Practice. BSC ( HON) CONTEMPORAL HEALTH PRACTISE 2CP3D813 111121 Ethics, Law and Professional Practise in sickle cell pain 09989951 This essay was written by a nurse who works in emergency medicine .The author will discuss an incident where patient with sickle cell attends Emergency department (A and E) regularly with recurrent episodes of severe sickle cell pain and left upper quadrant pain. For the purpose of this assignment and NMC requirements, anonymity will be maintained, the patient will be known as Mr ‘D’ a pseudonym throughout the essay. Mr D waits for four hours before being seen as the triage nurse classifies him as a regular attendee despite having a pain score of nine. When the doctor finally sees him he tell him that he will not be give any narcotics, before examining him and assessing his pain, .The patient decided to leave and mentioned that he is going to another hospital in the city. The doctor calls the other hospital and alerts the doctors not to treat the patient in question because he demonstrates drug-seeking behaviour. The author will provide a critical evaluation of the ethical principles and the legal aspects of this case study in relationship to professional conduct. The Nursing and Midwifery Code of Professional Conduct (NMC) (2008) provides a guideline to ethical decision making and the standards of professionalism that are required by nurses. Also the Nurse's contract of employment, the hospitals policies and procedures or consulting a legal advisor can help when determining if an action is ethical, professional or unlawful as observed by Griffith et al 2010,and yet Dimond (2008) further argues that to care for a patient a nurse must have the knowledge of law and professional practice which can assist in decision making, As can be seen from the scenario, there are laws and guidelines which need

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