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ETHICS ISSUES This paper will discuss ethics issues from Islamic and secular perspective. The concept of ethics is difference between these two ideologists. According to secularist, ethics are generally defined as the principles of morally acceptable conduct of individuals. It has three characteristics: ethics are individually defined, ethical behaviour can be varying from person to another and ethics is relative, not absolute. Meanwhile in Islam, ethics prescription is contained in a verse of al-Quran which requires a Muslim at all times and in all circumstances to act as a decent and benevolent way and to refrain from wrong doing. This paper will focus on controversial Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project in Selangor which being criticise as “the huge project was managed by a very incompetent people” (NST: July 30, 2009). This issue will be discuss from the Islamic managerial ethics . ETHICS ISSUES IN MANAGEMENT FROM THE SECULAR’S AND ISLAMIC’S PERSPECTIVE Introduction To date, corruption is recognised as a serious ethic issue in political, economic and moral which significance representing a cost for growth and development. Offering bribes and accepting bribes are the two core elements of corruption. Derived from the Latin corrumpere (deceiving, betraying, bribing) the term „corruption‟ covers a wide range of elements. According to Transparency International (2008), corruption defines the secret abuse of entrusted power to gain a private advantage and must lead to a public or private damage. The central problems of corruption can be summarized as follows: a. Criminal decision makers gain an economic advantage over honourable competitors. The person offering a bribe will in all likelihood win the order, although the offer is not based upon the lowest prize possible. b. A businessman who bribes a civil servant or other official in order to obtain a

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