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Ethics in Research {Task 2} At all stages of the research process there are ethical implications that needs to be consider, including the decision to undertake research or not. Health and social care practitioners need to be aware of these issues in their own place of work. Commonly, researchers follow the four principles as proposed by Beauchamp and Childress which consist of Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Respect and Justice. This key ethical principle should be followed throughout a research study in order to protect clients. In addition, these principles and rights can be used as framework to examine the effects of research on the clients. It must be noted that some research design will need to be considered in certain ways. Informed consent is a concept familiar to many health and social care practitioners, particularly with reference to treatment and care. There are number of important considerations when research involves human participants. For example, written information should be given to participants; this meant that participants should have the power of free choice to participate in the research. In cases of vulnerable participants, they may be competent to give consent to participate, but may find it difficult to withhold consent if they are put under implicit pressure. People with learning disabilities or who have mental health problem may all be considered vulnerable as may children and women who are pregnant because of the risk of unintended side effects because of their circumstances. If it is not followed, including vulnerable people in research requires careful consideration as to exclude such groups from research may be a form of discrimination. Therefore, researchers needs to obtained consent. Moreover, researchers may want to involve children in research however, children may be unable to express their own needs to protect themselves or to

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