Ethics in Reckless Driving

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The Ethical Responsibility of Reckless Driving A reckless driver is one that will drive at high rates of speed going in and out of traffic. Most times they will tailgate other drivers and display levels of hostility to whoever is in their way. This is unacceptable, when others feel they are above the law or that there will is more important than the law or others on the road. Not only does the driver endanger himself but those around him, this behavior is not ethically responsible. As I talk about the different forms of reckless driving let me paint a picture that many might be familiar with. Your child wakes you up multiple times during the night. Which in turn makes you hit your snooze button more that the average 1-2 times. As you go through your morning routine you’re running 10 to 15 minutes late, hoping to make up some time on the road. As you drive down the road you begin to bend your will on all around you as you ether drive by or abruptly around the other drivers. This next one should hit home to many. You are driving down the street when you hear the all too familiar sound of your cell phone, as you hear that it is notifying you of a text message. Then the urge is so over whelming that you then position your phone to attempt to drive and reply to a text massage. Most of us including myself have been guilty of this in the past, and have participated in a form of reckless driving. My question is this: “do we in society feel that this would be wrong only when we have a close call or an accident? Is it possible that we forgo our ethics and commitments that we made when we received our license to drive? How then do we justify when it becomes ok to engage in reckless driving, because of ego or over confidence, lack of needed attention, or just sheer ignorance? As I analyze this behavior I will first address the overall ethical responsibility that we

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