Ethics in Nursing Essay

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Every health procedure performed by professional in the community operates under the strict guidance of ethical considerations. The ethical observation works for the interest of the community members and prevents them from any internet of malpractice. It also keeps the professionals in check by the regulating bodies. The intention of reducing teenage pregnancies in the community by the means of health education has various implications of the lives of the target group. Since this is a behavior change program, it should observe the health ethics as outlined by the best practices of the governing bodies. First, the program should be consistent with the principle of justice. Justice implies that all the individuals targeted in a program should be subject to equal treatment in terms access of information and materials (Butts & Rich, 2013).The intended outcome is to have reduced number of teenagers getting pregnant. All the primary beneficiaries should enjoy the benefits that accrue to this program. in implementing the program with regard to justice, the concerned parties should consider fair distribution of the resource and the different needs of teenagers in different setting sin the community. Secondly, the program will not be consistent with health regulations without the application of autonomy. It involves allowing the target group to make decisions without any unnecessary influence (Butts & Rich, 2013). The need to have a community with few teenagers getting pregnant through health education will include various an arrays of procedures like sex education and the use of family planning methods. The program implementers should provide information and leave the teenagers to make informed choices. They have no mandates to enforce the application of process to give a desirable end. The final decision to heed to the advice given to reduce chances of becoming

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