Ethics in Management Essay

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Ethics in Management is a Myth Introduction: We have come a long way when 70-80 years ago we did not have any concept of organizational ethics. Ethics in management is a popular concept now. In last few decades the world has seen a number of unethical scandals that have shattered many companies and have harmed millions of stock holders. This paper discusses the importance of an organization to be ethical but the complexity and difficulty every organization faces in making ethical decisions. Ethics involve a systematic view of differentiating a human behaviour from right and wrong. The intricacy of the problem is that ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ are subjective views influenced by human cultures. The paper talks about the complexity of ethical decision making and the same time an obligation from all the companies to do so to maintain trust among employees and share holders. Ethics: The dictionary meaning of ethics is “the science of morals. That branch of philosophy which is concerned with human character and conduct, a system of morals, rules of behaviour, a treatise on morals”. In simple terms ethics are code of conduct that governs human conduct. ‘Ethics of Organizational Politics’ by G.F. Cavanaugh gives three views of Ethics Utilitarian view: The ethical theory proposed by Jeremy Bentham and James Mill that decisions should be made on the basis of the outcomes or consequences. The goal of Utilitarian is to provide the greatest good for the greatest number. Many a times we see a bill passing in the parliament which favours majority of the people but harms a minority. The bill is justified with the simple fact that it benefits a greater number. Rights View: Making decisions on the basis of respecting and protecting skate holders liberties and privileges, it includes the right to privacy, freedom, of conscience, free speech and due process. (G.F. Cavanaugh, D.J.

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