Ethics In Group Counseling

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Running head: ETHICS IN GROUP COUNSELING Ethics in Group Counseling Arthur Silver Rio Salado College Group Interventions with the Chemically Dependent CHD 250 Sections 10929 Michelle McGuire August 15, 2011 Ethics in Group Counseling When confronted with the subject of ethics different people have different ideas or conceptions based on their own interpretation, morals, beliefs, cultural influences, and personal experiences. In the realm of group counseling a high standard of ethical behavior is essential to protect the members of the group, the facilitators and anyone else involved in the group dynamics. This paper will explore the subject of ethics in group counseling by looking at how we define ethics, the ACA code of ethics, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners, and a brief interview with a member of the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Dr. Kirk Bowden. The paper will then focus on issues of informed consent, rights of group members, confidentiality, as well as cultural issues as they apply to ethics. Ethics can be defined several different ways. Ethical issues are standards for the conduct of group counselors. Legal issues which might also be ethical issues set standards which are enforced by local, stage, of federal law. Clinical issues are when a group counselor uses their professional knowledge to be compliant with both ethical and legal matters. Counselors in a group setting will find themselves having to deal with ethical issues, legal issues, and clinical issues occasionally at the same time. A scenario to demonstrate all three issues would be Jim who during a group session mentions his brother who is a felon and has two young children is operating a Methamphetamine operation at his home. Jim who lives with his brother is mandated by the court to be in group and is on probation. A counselor can

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