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Ethics in Complementary Therapies Essay

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Below is an essay on "Ethics in Complementary Therapies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In this assignment I will research key legislation relating to complementary therapies, I will then be discussing how to adhere to this legislation in the salon. The assignment will also distinguish codes of practice used by regulatory bodies. And show how they form recommended policies and procedure for working in the salon and conclude with an evaluation of opinion, on my findings.
Talk here about what the 6th report is and how it all happened - Aromatherapy, Body Massage and Reflexology are all in the same group they all come under group 2 which is complementary therapies they come under this group because we do not diagnose we recommend.
Discuss who wrote the NOS and why - The National occupational standards (NOS) are important because the department of health states that the government should state that all professional people on a register should all become members of a recognised and appropriate training set by a registered body. In 1998 the government set up a health care UK. This was set up to help the health care sector and the government in the field of training and education. Health care UK was set up to help the government with training and policies. One of the jobs health care UK do is help support CAM practitioners by helping members of the professions to work together and set standards of practice, education and training. Health care UK has developed national occupational standards from homeopaths which are one of CAMs’ groups who have recently developed the national occupational standards. Homeopathy was developed by the society of homeopaths; homeopathic bodies feel that the national occupational standards were a major leap forward. Mr Stephen Gordon who is the director of political and the NHS affairs of the society of homeopaths. The homeopathic society has recently formed a common council. The objective is to move forward and establish a single national register. The national occupational standards are seen as having a key role in all three...

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