Ethics in Business Essay

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The role of ethics in business is when a company or business and all of its employees are held accountable for their actions as they affect others. In order to pursue success responsibly, the consequences of the employees or professionals must be mindful of their actions. Every aspect of business can and will be applied by business ethics and how their impact can take part in the structure of a business or company. If a company has a code of conduct, their business can self-regulate their behavior and ensure everything and everyone is acting appropriately. The standards for what is acceptable in the professional environment are constantly changing. You must be mindful at the fact that actions that were acceptable in the past can become inappropriate in later years and vice versa. Employees must keep the business honest and clear from any potential illegal behavior. When you evaluate the concept of ethics as it relates to business operations you will see that maintaining strong business ethics can have an effect on the success of a company. In order to improve a business or company’s profile in the community and/or industry one must act with sensitivity towards others. Your company should inspire trust and and loyalty in others so they can extend their products or services. People can tend to take sides when it comes to strong opinions on what one believes to be ethical versus what is not which plays a major role in business. An important aspect of business is understanding business ethics and how one must stay true to their company’s mission, ethics, morals, and values. Business ethics are the values of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Honesty has to do with ethical advertising and a reasonable cost for the quality of the product or service as well as the company keeping its word to everyone it deals with and in everything it does. Integrity covers a wide range of

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