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Ethics in Action Ii Essay

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  • on August 1, 2013
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Ethics In Action II
Lateshia Rogers
Liberty University

Segment One: The Divorce
  1. If this was my client I would ask her to talk about the history of her relationship with her husband. I would ask her to take me on the journey of the relationship from when they met to the present. The goal is to get the client, as she talks, to reflect on happier times; pinpoint when things started to go downhill; and reflect on her own behaviors and attitudes that may have led to conflictual situations wihout me, as the counselor, saying anything as I do not want to cause the client to get defensive, feel as though I am taking her husband’s side or blaming her for any of the marital issues. It is my opinion and experience that many times when individuals are given the opportunity talk clamly to someone is actively listening, they have the ability to think rationally about their decisions, actions, etc. I would ask if she is open to marital counseling (if her husband agrees) so that she and her husband can have the opportunity to learn and utilize effective communication skills (such as actively listening to one another, giving eye contact while talking, communicate thoughts and feelings without interuption, and most importantly, learn to talk TO each other instead of AT each other) and to also address negative behaviors and/or any unresloved issues that may have led to conflict and the ultimate decision to separate and divorce.
  2.   I believe that individuals should do all that that is possible to resolve marital conflict and keep the marriage together. I strongly believe and advoccate for couples therapy or marital counseling with a pastor and/or a professional counselor. I believe that marital counseling is lagely undervalued as many couples experience marital conflict and resolve to, often emotionally and not rationally, to seperationa and divorce. On the other hand, I believe that here are some instances when divorce is better for well-being (physically and...

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