Ethics in Action I Essay

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Ethics in Action I Liberty University Segment One: Teen Pregnancy 1. If this was your client, what would you say and do? Be specific. Why would you respond this way? First I would explain the client the informed consent process because it is evident that it is the client’s first consult. I would explain the confidentiality agreement, the limits she has as a minor, and her legal rights all while trying to gain her trust so that I can guide her accordingly. Legally, since the client is underage, I would have to contact her parents which the she clearly does not want. I would offer to have a conjoint session with the client and her parents and inform the parents of her situation in my office. I would respond this way since the client does not know what to do and in any moment does she speak of her options or responsibilities which reveal that she is not mature enough to handle the situation adequately. 2. What is an Informed Consent Form and why is it important? What would you include on your own Informed Consent Form regarding confidentiality? Why? Informed consent is the process by which it is ensured that the client has voluntarily expressed their intention to participate in the professional relationship, having understood the information that has been given about the therapy objectives, benefits; the qualifications and fees of the counselor, and the limitations of confidentiality. On my own Informed Consent Form, I would explain that treatment will be strictly confidential, but will explain the legal exception (ordered by court, threats to harm themself or others, suspect child or elder abuse). This is important because from the beginning the client knows their rights and limitations and can decide whether to stop or continue treatment with the counselor. This will contribute to a healthy therapeutic relationship. 3. What does the law in your

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