Ethics in Action Essay

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ETHICS IN ACTION BUS670 Brandy Kreisler August 6, 2012 Ethics are also known as moral principles. Implementing ethics is important in business as well as in everyday life. According to Mallor, Barnes, Bowers, & Langvardt (2010), learning how to act ethically can help businesses forestall public criticism, reduce lawsuits against them, and prevent Congress from passing onerous legislation, and make higher profits. Everyone has different views on what is ethical or unethical. In this paper, the student will discuss the three common characteristics of poor decision making, the three ways of resisting requests to act unethically, and three ways to lead ethically and how each relates to ethics. Mallor, Barnes, Bowers, & Langvardt (2010) describe three different characteristics of bad decision making; failing to remember goals, overconfidence, and complexity of the issue. Failing to remember goals generally occurs when a person sets too many goals for themselves. For instance, in a common workplace workloads need to be evenly distributed so that no one gets overwhelmed. This will increase the chance of each individual remembering to complete their goals. Overconfidence occurs when a person takes on more than they can handle. It may also occur when management assigns tasks to individuals that they are able to handle. Finally, the characteristics of the complexity of goals involve mistaking complex issues as simple issue. Many times managers don’t assign enough manpower to complete tasks. It is important that managers complete extensive research before assigning tasks. Making bad decisions hurt the organization. It is important that careful planning is implemented during the decision making process. Three ways of resisting requests to act unethically include; recognizing unethical requests and bosses, buying time, and finding a mentor and peer support

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