Ethics in Action Essay

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Ethics in Action BUS670 Legal Environment January 9, 2012 Ethics in Action There is a very thin line between good and bad ethics in a business environment. The goal of all businesses is to come out on top regardless of the harm done to others or to themselves in the long run. In short, an individual or company that wants to succeed fast will do whatever they need to do in order to succeed in business and have a quick financial gain at any cost. Unfortunately, every wrong doing will catch up to a business or an individual when poor and unethical business decisions that were made come with a cost and many have prison consequences and having to pay back the full amount owed with interest. This paper will address the three Common Characteristics of Poor Decision Making, three ways of Resisting Requests to Act Unethically, and three ways you can choose to Lead Ethically. Business Ethics can be defined as the critical, structured examination of how people & institutions should behave in the world of commerce. In particular, it involves examining appropriate constraints on the pursuit of self-interest, or (for firms) profits, when the actions of individuals or firms affects others. Failure to remember goals can cause barriers in life. With these barriers we are unable and unstable at the same time to continue to grow in the pattern that was intended. Being confident in our lives makes us feel as we have accomplished something. However overconfidence causes people to overestimate their knowledge, underestimate risks, and exaggerate their ability to control events. Recognizing unethical requests and bosses is something that should be brought to the attention of the department head or human resources. If the employee does not bring it to the attention of a superior the minute you say “NO” or do not do what your boss is asking from you, you will be

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