Ethics In Action Essay

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Segment One: Teen Pregnancy 1. If this was your client, what would you say and do? Why would you respond this way? There is a lot to this scenario and is very tricky in dealing with. If this was my client, I would ask her about her parent’s background, their relationship with one another, religious believes, and culture. I would also want to find out why she feels that her parents would react the way she thinks they would react and why she feels that she cannot confide in them about her troubles. I would ask her what she feels her parents would expect of her in resolution to the issue; if she has thought the pregnancy through; went over her options, and what her decision is going forward with the pregnancy. In addition, I would find out what her parents form of discipline is/was or has been over the course of her growing up. I would want to know if there has been any form of abuse in the past. More information that I would want to find out is who the father is, and has this issue been addressed. This may be a sexual abuse situation until all of the information is found out. Then the counselor’s reactions would be different in responding. My thought on my responses is that there is a reason she feels like she cannot confide in her parents. Whether it is that she does not want to disappoint them, she is scared of them, and/or she doesn’t want to tell them because of the repercussions of the situation. The parents might want her to do the opposite of what she wants to do regarding the pregnancy; they might want to file charges against the father in regards to statutory rape. I, myself, was a pregnant teenager and from my experience, I would want to discuss with her a variety of scenarios so she will have all of the information she needs to make the right decisions, including telling her parents herself. The client may not have looked further then her

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