Ethics in Action 2 Essay

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Ethics In Action II Ja’Quanda Pierce Liberty University Segment One: The Divorce 1. If this were my client, I would have told her to follow her heart. She should do what makes her happy. I would have told her that I understand where she is coming from and that she needs to talk to her husband to discuss the divorce and the children, during and after, the divorce. I would respond that way because I would not want to force my feelings on her in any way. 2. My personal value on divorce is the same as the client in the video. I feel that if a person is unhappy in a marriage that they should get counseling. If that doesn’t work, then the next step would be divorce. I believe the children are important in this decision but in all reality, the couple has to do what’s best for them. 3. The ethical principles autonomy, which is the capacity for self-determination, nonmaleficence, which is sometimes interpreted to imply that if one cannot do good without also causing harm, then one should not act at all, beneficence, which is not a specific moral rule and cannot by itself tell us what concrete actions constitute doing good and avoiding evil, and fidelity, which requires loyalty, fairness, truthfulness, advocacy, and dedication to our patients can relate to this case. All of them allow the client to think for their self and to do what they feel is the right thing to do. Segment Two: Doing It My Way 1. If this were my client, I would ask her what she think is best and if she thinks that she will be able to handle it. I would tell her that she should talk to her parents and express her feelings toward the situation and explain to them her reasoning in feeling the way that she feels. 2. I would explore the code of ethics with her. I would also explore self-awareness and influences when dealing with clients. Segment Three: Sexuality 1. If this

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