Ethics For Animals Essay

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Marvis Carter Ethics for Animals Hunting ethics is a term which defines the true standards, conduct and moral judgment of a sportsman. Some say that people's hunting ethics are also a mirror image of the rest of their personal lives. Today, hunters are waging a battle against anti-hunters. We're also waging a more discouraging battle against adverse publicity from those few unethical sportsmen whose actions give the majority of ethical, law abiding hunters a black eye. ( Unethical Hunting and Poaching Hunting of animals has been there since time immemorial. With growing technology, the rate of dying animals in the hands of hunters and poachers has been in the increase. Even though in the past, hunting of specific types of animals was purposely meant for food, in the current 21st century, hunting and poaching of animals have gone beyond search for food. There are other motivations that lead to unethical killing of animals. Governments all over the world have come up with legislations protecting the animals, especially the wild ones, against dangers or interference by human beings. This is due to unethical killing of animals for other reason than food. For instance, several animals like elephants, rhinos, snakes and other wild animals are not killed because they are edible, but because of their valuable tasks and skins. The hunters and poachers are never mindful that some of these wild animals are becoming extinct and soon may stop existing on the surface of the earth (The Humane Society 1-4). The activities of canned hunting, regardless of what type of species of animals are being hunted, are completely unethical and amounts to abuse of animals within the society as a whole. Detaining an animal until it is ready to be killed for the purposes of trophies is a form of inhumane act against the animal. Canned hunting victims are always those

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