Ethics Challenges Essay

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Ethical Dilemma Challenges That Confront Teachers Today It is not secret that teaching in today’s society is a great challenge. The teaching profession is far from what it used to be. Teachers are underpaid, their level of expertise is dismissed and they are ignored. To top it off they are blamed for things that they can not control and their teaching skills are under a microscope of unfair measuring tools. Teachers, both old and new face an enormous amount of stress and ethical challenges. The policies for education are focused on recruitment of teachers with higher expectations for students but fail to see the needs of students that have challenges that need to be addressed. The administrators are far from being correct when all they look at are numbers. Low scores means dismissing teachers and closing of schools. Many school districts have been on the news regarding teachers changing and correcting test answers for their students. One thinks of the worst when the media flashes this on our television screens. We immediately think what will their punishment be? They should be terminated and never teach again because they are engaging in criminal activity. The Department of Education says that cheating and falsifying student’s answers and grades is unjust and cheats the students of truly learning and robbing them of a rightful education. When teachers in Atlanta, GA were tried for changing answers on grades a teacher told the judge that she believed that changing one of her students scores would help him stay in school and graduate, rather than drop out. The question is, what she right? Are her actions justified her “criminal activity”? This teacher could have known that this particular student was a potential drop out. This is an ethical dilemma that teachers face year after year. And the ones that truly care about their students put their careers on the line
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