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Ethics Case Study ETH 557-Accounting Ethics Monday, July 29, 2013 Michele Scott A Case Study in Ethics ETHICS: To Socrates the beginning of ethics was a simple question of, How should one live (Keller, 2007). It is not an easy task to define Ethics. Some scholars have attempted to define ethics as a general pattern, a way of life, or a set of rules of conduct,. Others say it is a moral code, an inquiry about ways of life or rules of conduct, or a focus on living a life of reason. The fact is that Ethics is a concept that incorporates these and more. An early 20th century Catholic textbook on Political Economics defines it as the science that directs human actions according to the principles of right reason (Keller, 2007). Ethics is more than a science. It is both an art and science. Immanuel Kant put it in a more acceptable light when he defined it as the philosophical science that deals with the laws of free moral action (Keller, 2007). Ethics studies values and virtues. A value is a good to be achieved or a standard of right to be followed, while a virtue is a character trait that enables one to achieve the good or act rightly. For example, a list of core goods might include wealth, love, and freedom. A corresponding list of virtues—or character traits—might include the productiveness that enables one to achieve wealth, the honesty that enables one to enjoy loving relationships, and the self-responsibility that enables one to live in freedom (Hicks, n.d.). ROLE OF ETHICS IN DECISION MAKING: The article concentrates on the pressures on China, Jamaica, and the United States in dealing with financial, environmental, and cultural issues. Whereas China with its Communist culture has taken a big leap into the global markets

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