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ESSAY: REFLECTIONS ON AN ETHICAL CONFLICT After graduating from university, I joined a major telecom equipment company in India. I had worked very hard- by meeting company representatives, by meeting alums from my university- to get an offer to work for this prestigious large multinational company. About a year into my employment, I was asked to join a team which was preparing to bid for a large contract from the state owned telecom company in Sri Lanka. This was my first international assignment, and so I was very thrilled. My team members were some of the most respected and successful employees at my organization, and I was the youngest member of the team. For me to work with this team was an honor and a matter of pride. We were earnestly working on the bid price based on our data and objectives while at the same time factoring market intelligence reports about rivals. As we reached towards the critical deadline, our team began to realize that we may be out-bided by the largest competitor. In spite of our best efforts, we could not simply lower our bid amount without incurring any financial loss. A week before the deadline, during a regular team meeting, our team leader informed us that we would increase our bid amount by 25% because a contact has been established with a prominent sportsperson who would be acting as an “agent” or a “fixer” between us and the state owned company. I am still not sure what was shocked me more- the fact that my company was willing to pay bribe or whether this sportsperson, who was much admired by his countrymen and respected by his rivals, was a crook. I confronted the team leader after the meeting and asked him what he thought of this “arrangement”. He gave me a wry smile and said that these things happen all the time and I should start getting used to it. From his demeanor, it was apparent that he was not comfortable

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