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Ethics are rules of conduct. The organization that provides the rules of conduct for all those in the field of psychology is the American Psychological Association. Why is it important to apply ethics to conducting research on both humans and animals? In order to receive full credit for this discussion, you will need to include information from the chapter - concepts, definitions, etc. Page numbers must be provided for referencing. (Try to stay away from using the word "moral" because there is a difference between morals and ethics!) The description states “Ethics are RULES of conduct”. In the United States, people create rules in order for everyone (humans the majority of the time) to enjoy their freedom/privileges while having the protection of general safety (ex: speed limits) and their rights as citizens ensured (Ex: Bill of Rights). If we already practice applying ethics to our own country in order for everyone to receive equal treatment, wouldn’t it seem hostile not to do the same with relative animals as well? Stated in Paragraph 1 ( Sect.1-13) pg.27, “We humans are not like animals, we are animals, sharing common biology”.) No relative animal should be treated any different than any human. As Lindsay stated earlier, “We (both animals and humans) should be equally treated”. Just as we give human life priority, we should also “respect the lives used in the conduction of psychological, biological, and medical research” that humankind is benefitting from (Paragragh.5 (Sect.1-13) pg.27). “APA Guidelines state that researchers must ensure the “comfort, health, and humane treatment” of animals and minimize “infection, illness, and pain.” (Paragraph 5, Sect.1-13, pg.27) These guidelines secure not only the safety of humans, but the safety of animals as well. Implied ethics in conducting these researches will result to equality in how things will be managed and

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