Ethics and Professional Behavior in the Criminal Justice System

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Ethics and Professional Behavior In The Criminal Justice System Nathan Titus CJA/484 - Criminal Justice Administration Capstone March 20,2014 Ralph Brown Ethics & Professional Behavior in the Criminal Justice System It may be said that those who work in the criminal justice system are held to a higher standard than normal citizens. In the Criminal Justice System, ethics and professional behavior is one of the most important parts of the job ("Sage Pub", 2004). When someone is talking about what is “ethical”, they are referring to what is ethically right or wrong in society. The people who work in the criminal justice system are faced with ethical issues on a daily basis and they must be able to handle each of these ethical issues in a professional manner ("Sage Pub", 2004). When talking about the administration of the criminal justice system, it mainly pertains to the administration of police and sheriff departments since they are the ones that have the most struggles when dealing with ethics and professional behavior. There are some circumstances that might be found difficult to handle ("Sage Pub", 2004). Criminal justice administration does have the obligation of making moral judgments of what is right and what is wrong and this judgment must be done in a professional manner as well as apply critical thinking to the problems ("Sage Pub", 2004). If a law enforcement officer acts unethical, the consequences are not only quite serious, but one law enforcement officer’s unethical act can create numerous possible conflicts to arise in other areas of the department ("Sage Pub", 2004). It is also more difficult for the officer because they have to think twice about the type of behavior they are exhibiting. Due to the fact that the criminal justice administration has an influence in society, people that work in law enforcement have the obligation to
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