Ethics and Outsourcing Paper

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Ethics Outsourcing This report is written in efforts to evaluate ethics of outsourcing and the dilemmas involved. | Ethics of Outsourcing Outsourcing has been the target of many positive as well as negative topics amongst many Americans. The United States economy has taken many hits and efforts to reduce costs have resulted in increased outsourcing in labor as well as service industries. The ongoing debate of whether outsourcing is unethical does not fall only in the act of outsourcing itself but also in the terms to which outsourced employees are treated. The question of whether mass layoffs are justifiable or ethical toward employees who are dedicated to corporations for so many years and whether resorting to illegal labor is ethical are also derivatives of outsourcing. We continue to ask ourselves if this form of cost reduction and its effects on the U.S. employees morally ethical? In these challenging economic times, there has been a large array of speculations towards the subject of outsourcing jobs to other offshore destinations. Outsourcing has been going on around the world for a large amount of time before now. Though it seems to be more of a negative topic of discussion during the fall of the American economy, it is important to realize the positive global impacts it has created. It is still considered a morally challenging topic, but there are both advantages and benefits that are being reaped around the world from outsourcing. Outsourcing has been a leading marketing tool for allowing expansions of companies with their services around the world. Some benefits of outsourcing allow company growth with offshore expansion. It also allows companies to find a better way to save money while still obtaining quality workmanship. Outsourcing has been a benefit due to it allowing companies to gain business and expand its roots elsewhere. “By outsourcing to
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