Ethics and Its Correlation to Critical Thinking Essay

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Ethics and its correlation to critical thinking Ethics and its correlation to critical thinking Stacey my best friend and coworker has just admitted to me that she has been stealing office supplies for the last three months. She justifies it by the fact that they just don't pay us enough for the work we do here, so skimming the supplies should even that out. I am now placed in an uncomfortable situation, company policy states I must turn anyone in for stealing if I turn a blind eye I could be punished myself. Every day we are faced with scenarios such as this one in which we must decide on a course of action to take. We use critical thinking along with our set of ethics to make crucial decisions in our lives. Critical thinking is defined as "the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment" (def of critical n.d.). According to psychologist Benjamin Bloom, there are six levels of critical thinking. They are 1. Remembering 2. Understanding 3. Applying 4. Analyzing 5. Evaluating and 6. Creating (Ellis, 2015, p.55). In the remembering stage, we can recall a fact or idea. With the understanding phase, we can summarize the idea and put it into our words. When we begin applying, we are now able to take this idea and use it in our life situations. We could use the idea to create or construct a plan to achieve a desired goal. When we get to the analyzing level of critical thinking, we are now able to take the idea apart into different pieces and criticize each one separately. The fifth level of evaluating is when we can decide if there is any truth or validity to the idea for us. We can then determine if we need more information to make a decision on this point. The final step is creating, and this is when we can take the idea and what we have learned about it to create something entirely new on our own. We use critical thinking skills

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