Ethics and Compliance of Pepsi Co.

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Ethics and Compliance of Pepsi Company January 26, 2009 Ethics and Compliance of Pepsi Company Every day, businesses across the world are finding new means of communicating, generating funds and reducing costs. Advancements in technology over the past century have provided unprecedented means of finding, pursuing and harvesting new technologies and business ideas. Along with these business advancements come the responsibilities that accompany any endeavor into the unknown. As many companies venture into the international market, they find themselves faced with ever-challenging ethical decision not limited to fair wage, exploitative labor practices, cultural variances and environmental conscientiousness. While all companies are expected to follow these unwritten codes of ethics, some companies go out of their way to ensure that their businesses have a positive impact on the global community, protecting and preserving the integrity of both the people and land. PepsiCo is one of the companies; according to their mission statement, they are "committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society" (PepsiCo. Inc, 2008). This mission statement serves to define briefly PepsiCo's unwavering determination to behave both ethically and with their investor's interests at heart. Looking at PepsiCo's code of ethics and their processes for SEC regulation compliance, it becomes clear that they value ethical performance. Evaluation of their financial performance demonstrates that the possibility exists to be both a responsible and a profitable company. The History of Pepsi Company As children, many begin to learn about ethics and the behaviors that are involved. Many learn about being respectful, working as one, honesty and responsibility. As one grows those ethics learned as a child continue to grow with them and one

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