Ethics and Compliance Essay

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Role of Ethics and Compliance Microsoft makes ethics and compliance an integral part of the organization and employees are responsible for understanding and complying with the company’s Standards of Business Conduct (Ballmer, 2012). The company’s Standards of Business Conduct include government regulations, internal policies, and ethical standards. Microsoft requires employees to read and acknowledge receipt of The Standards of Business Conduct and does not accept failure to read the guidelines acceptable behavior for not following the values and compliance measure within the policy. Microsoft executives, including the CEO, CFO, Corporate Controller, and financial employees are required to comply with the Financial Code of Professional Conduct. The company employs a Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Compliance responsible for managing the company’s Standards of Business Conduct, Financial Code of Professional Conduct, and Business Conduct and Compliance programs. The reporting structure ensures the programs are run with integrity and within state and federal reporting standards. Microsoft employees are responsible for the following conduct as part of the Standards of Business Conduct: • Reading, understanding, and complying with company policies • Attending training or seminars related to his or her job function • Seeking guidance on business practices or compliance issues • Reporting any violations of company policies • Participating in investigations of policy violations • Conducting business with integrity and in compliance of all laws and regulatory requirements Microsoft strongly believes in its efforts to conduct business ethically and legally and in doing so disciplines employees who violate any company policy with ramifications up to and including termination. Microsoft has a corporate governance policy in place as well as a

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