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Ethics and Compliance Ethics and Compliance The business world of today has changed dramatically. With past scandals, Enron and the Bernie Madoff fiasco, ethics and compliance have taken a front seat in today’s business transactions. Pepsi-Cola, Co. is one of the top beverage/snack food corporate giants. The following will cover Pepsi-Cola, Co.’s financial environment and the role ethics plays, the procedures Pepsi-Cola has in place to ensure ethical behavior, how financial markets work in the United States, the process Pepsi-Cola, Co. uses to comply with the Security Exchange Commission’s regulations, and finally provide evaluation of Pepsi-Cola Co.’s financial performance over the last two years. Role of Ethics and Compliance in Pepsi-Cola, Co. Pepsi-Cola, Co.’s mission statement is to provide the best products available while allowing investors and employees financial rewards. Pepsi-Colas Co. strives to act with fairness, honesty, and, integrity while obeying the laws of all of the countries in which they do business. Pepsi-Cola Co.’s code of ethics is of 14 different sections, which include confidential information, insider trading, accounts, record keeping, reporting violations of code of conducts and many more. Some of the checks set in place are to ensure that the company code of ethics is respected by employees are a confidentiality agreement in which employees agree to keep information that Pepsi-Cola, Co. shares with them confidential from their friends, families and anyone else. This helps to ensure that no information about new products or competitors is divulged by employees. The code of ethics also states that all of Pepsi-Cola Co.’s employees should act with the utmost integrity to ensure that the code of ethics is abided to by others in Pepsi-Cola Co. According to “PepsiCo” (2008) code of ethics sections Accounts and Record

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