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Ethical behaviour and policys lie at the core of every professional profession. The Canadian Association of Social Woekers Code of Ethics sets forth values and principals to guide social workers professional conduct. The Code of Ethics does not specify which values and princpals are most important and which outweigh others in instances of conflict. Many social workers have reasonable differences of opionin, with respect to which values and priniples should be given priority in a particular situation. There are 6 core social work values and principles. Value 5: Confidentiality in Professional Practice is highly important to me. Confidentiality is, "A professional value that demands that professionally acquried information be kept private and not shared with third parties unless the client provides informed consent or a professional or legal obligation exists to share such information without client informed consent" (Massing p 7). This value is stating that Social workers should show respect for the trust and confenditenalty placed in them by clients and protecting the privacy of client information. Also, respecting the clients right to control whether thier information will be shared with third parties. Social workers will only disclose confiendital information to third parites such as, family members only with the informed consent of clients, clients legally authorized representives and when required by the law or court orer. Social Wokers and individuals in any professional profession should be aware of their distinctions, such as: personal values, culture, religious beliefs and practices. Futhermore, age, ability, gender and sexual orentation can affecht his/her ethical choices. There can be many conflict in regards to ones own's personal values and the values outlined as a Social Worker, issues such as a cultures views on sexual assult or even teen pregancy might

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