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Unit 2 Assignment Activity Understanding the Purposes of Research Richard R. Henderson Professor Barbara Mitchell As I researched criminal justice in all areas, it’s significant to recognize the essentials as is the case with anything in time that you been taught. There are four purposes to research which must be unspoken moderately well. The purposes of research are classified into four groups. They are described to criminal justice as exploration, description, explanation, and application (Maxfield & Babbie, 2006/ 2009). As I carefully discuss each purpose you will learn how they are used. Initially, we have exploration. Exploration research is used when you are demanding to collect more data about a detailed problem. The data that you are collecting could be info that is not known, or simply more data required to make a further informed conclusion about a meticulous issue. An instance of this could be the death tolls as a consequence of speeding in small rural areas in your neighborhood. It is recognized that this meticulous road is helpful to people being able to drive but why is it that no person tried to examine before. Is it because it is uncommonly patrolled by officers, or is it because of the times of pedestrians that live and drive that meticulous road the bulk of the time? The questions are asked in order to discover and collect more data about the issue of deaths that speed had caused on that road. After that, there’s description. Description research is when you have gone through the exploration stage of researching. From what is stated, you will learn from what you asked about description research. As an instance, in the situation I resulted above you have learned that the road is in detail 8 miles of almost direct as an bullet road which you can obviously see roughly the complete road, you’ve also educated that the road is patrolled

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