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Elan Livnat Dr. Henrick Jeanty Cyber Ethics 1 March 2015 Maybe the World is Running Out Of New Music In my paper, I would like to express my views on pop music and how plagiarism is becoming a more frequent topic in pop culture. In this day and age, much of the music produced may sound similar to some and many are left not being able to distinguish one song from the next. I remember sitting in the car with my father, while the both of us were listening to music, he would usually say something like, “What is this junk? I can’t understand what they are saying and it all sounds the same.” I have noted this trend lately, with many artists now using auto-tune which has quickly gained negative attention from many critics. It seems that creativity and originality is a thing of the past in modern music. To support my opinions and ideas in this paper, I will be using information from different web sites that each shed a different light on pop music plagiarism. At the end of the paper, I will include a works cited page, which will contain all the links from the sources I used. My articles will be from only the most credible sources to avoid erroneous information. Information regarding fair use will be obtained through my course textbook. After some thought and research, I have decided that Sam Smith intentionally plagiarized, Tom Petty’s single “I Won’t Back Down.” I do not think Sam Smith accidently plagiarized Tom Petty’s single. The three time Grammy nominated artist has been accused of copyright infringement. Sam Smith claims he is only 22 years old and never listened to the well-known song “I Won’t Back Down” since it was before his time. This is clearly not an acceptable excuse for Sam Smith and I believe he should have to accept responsibility for the plagiarism. The ability to copyright one’s intellectual property has been in existence since

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