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Ethics Alo ETH/316 Ethics and Social Responsibility May 13, 2015 Ethics Ethical theory is an important tool required for human life. Without ethics, our actions would be purposeless. The variety of ethic theories help guide an individual’s behavior in relation to somebody Without ethics, our actions would be unplanned and irrational (Manias, Monroe, & Till, 2013, Chapter 1-7). This paper will compare similarities and differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological ethics; ethics and morality of each theory. ETH/316AlsoAlAAlso, within is a personal experience, which explains the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts as they relate to one of the said theories. Virtue Ethics Virtue theory is the set of thought in ethics, which is positioned on the impression that the individual is accountable for all ethical choices (Rawls, 1999). A feature of this theory is that it centers on the outcome of decisions, opposing to setting specific rules for each incident. Virtue theory, otherwise known as character theory, describes a person’s character by nurturing distinction in all that we do (Rawls, 1999). The individual is responsible for foreseeing the consequence of a decision in order to choose the correct decision that corresponds with his or her moral beliefs. Utilitarianism According to Rawls (1999), with utilitarianism ethics all decision are made to reduce unhappiness by increasing happiness. Utilitarianism addresses ethical, and morality issues by directing the balance of good consequences over bad. This means that ethical decisions should not be based on one’s interest, instead in the interest of society. Related to virtue ethics, utilitarianism emphases on the outcome of decision, rather than a predefined code of laws (Rawls, 1999). This allows an individual to make decisions. The morality associated with this

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