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3) The cultural values in which the organization builds its activities Now as we all know that Air France –KLM is a French company, we noticed that the company gives utmost importance to the French culture. From what we have observed we feel that the French people give utmost important to the human rights, we can observe this from the liberal labour laws as compared to other countries, therefore Air France too does the same, In their CSR report which they had published in the ethical principal section they had mentioned respecting human rights as their main priority. We were also able to find out that Air France employees follow the strict rules and regulation laid down by the company, we noticed this when we analyzed the interviews of few air France employees who were working out of France they reported that it was frustrating for them because they had to make almost all decision only after consulting the head office, this makes the company to work slowly as compared to others in the same industry, but the employees can’t do anything about it other than complain due to the strict rules laid down by the company. French people are also know to be very caring for the environment and the company is trying to do just the same by using sustainable fuels which are more eco friendly to the environment than the conventional ones being used currently. The company not only focuses on air pollution but also on the waste the company produces and their plans to reduce the noise pollution has proved to be successful, despite the increase in the movement of the aircrafts recently the noise level has decreased drastically. We can observe that from the picture below. The company’s hospitality is also excellent towards its customers we can notice this from the airline company rankings and this has also been adopted form the French culture since the French people are known

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