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Ethics Assigment ITECH 3203-7203 Professional Development Topic Copyright infringement Due Date Refer Course Description Worth 20% (35 marks – ITECH 3203) 20% (45 marks – ITECH 7203) Course Objectives This assessment task relates to the following course objectives: understand the principles of the Australian Computer Society Code of Ethics to IT professional practice value and understand the legal, social and ethical issues involved in IT professional practice within a cultural context Background Copyright infringement is a form of “piracy” in which the developer of a piece of work loses control of how it is used and distributed. Copyright infringement is a source of huge controversy in which the desires of the user to access and use such material conflict with the rights of the person who created the material. Requirements Students are required to undertake an ethical analysis of issues associated with copyright infringement in a community and/or business context. Students will prepare a business report, which analyses copyright infringement through the lens of each of the FOUR (4) ethical philosophies presented in lectures, and ONE (1) value selected from the Australian Computer Society’s (ACS) code of ethics. When analysing copyright infringement, consider ONE (1) of the following ethical dilemmas: To what extent are IT professionals responsible for the use made of the systems they develop to infringe copyright Do the benefits of free and easy access to copyrighted materials by individuals, organisations and/or the community outweigh the drawbacks? For assistance in report writing techniques, see: Reports should contain the following components. A suggested report structure is as follows. CRICOS Provider No. 00103D assignment_1_2014_07_prof_dev Page 1 of 4 Ethics Assigment ITECH

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