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Week 1 Assignment I’ve probably watched in too many movies and hear of many cases like in choice 2, where the child is returned to the parents even after that they weren’t so good at the beginning and claim they have changed. On rules based since they had “recovered” the judge could have sided with them because he or she found it that it was their duty and right to raise the child and if at one point she was taken away from them because of their drug issue. A lot of times it is emphasized that children should be raised with their parents and is a family and everything will be perfect, along with it is the expected that all parents raise their own children. The other school of ethics that I found I could relate to in this dilemma is ends based. The reason that I choose ends based is because the idea that children are better off with their birth parents is a lot of times seen as how things are supposed to be, mom, dad, and children. We often see movies and commercials read in books; see in TV shows and so on that being a family brings happiness to everyone’s lives that being together they are unbreakable and better off together. Both rules based and ends based while they are alike they are also different even at one point I was getting both solutions confused. In both I can kind of see the concept that they should care for her and be a family. In rules based where it is emphasized that doing the right thing in every situation to me it can be related to the fact that in ends based since it is emphasized that good actions can result in wealth and happiness. They are both worthy reason being that they both fit in the logic of wanting and granting custody of the child to the birth parents. For example, in rules based it says that to do the right thing, the judge could have felt he or she was doing the right thing by giving/bringing happiness to parents by giving

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