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Ethics Program for Prestige World Wide Ethics are essentially a set of moral standards a company holds itself and its employees to. It is a system of rights and wrongs or do's and don'ts that prescribe how companies and individuals should act in conjunction with values and morals. For example, a company dumping toxic chemicals into a river and then bribing a local official to cover it up would not be an ethical practice. Most corporations in the United States have adopted some sort of ethics plan as their moral philosophy and everyone from the CEO to the mail clerk are responsible for adhering to these standards. In today's world, customers want to know that the companies they do business with are ethically sound and free from corruption. An ethics program is an essential tool for a company to have to ensure that it is in compliance with the law and acts on sociably acceptable norms and trends. It is the way to promote operational excellence throughout the company and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Ethics programs give employees a clear understanding of what is right and wrong in the organizations eyes. This leads to a higher performing workforce which improves the overall operational performance of a company. This program should be part of the company's overall culture and reflect in the core values or mission statement. An ethics plan is a critical component of an organization's risk management policy. The plan should be tailored to support business objectives, identify the boundaries of what is right and wrong, have a system to test and monitor the plan and ensure that the employees of the organization are trained and have the support to report and correct ethical issues. It is management's responsibility to ensure that they foster an environment that caters to ethical behavior. They must also ensure that those who violate the policy are held

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