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In my findings, I find the company has a well-defined ethical toolkit and governance policy covering the following topics: 1) Ethics in conducting business 2) Diversity in workforce 3) Relationships in business 4) environmental ethics 5) Global recruitment and employment standards 6) data privacy 7) well-being and safety of employees 8) ethics rules applicable to politics 9) quality of deliverables 10) Reciprocity in buying and selling the company products/services The company’s ethical tool kit is based on a concept called procedural justice. Procedural justice means making and implementing a decision using a set of fair processes per company code of conduct document. The approach in a procedural justice takes into account the interests, values and rights of all individuals who will be involved within and outside the organization. The approach considers the benefits and harm done to the individuals involved by an ethical conflict. The ethics toolkit is quite strong as it identifies the various situations in which ethics come into play and all the stakeholders that will be impacted. The toolkit then provides guidance in resolving ethical conflicts and has an escalation process clearly defined. This helps as all stakeholders feel affirmed that the procedures adopted treats them fair with respect and dignity. The toolkit also lays out the internal investigations, audits and disciplinary actions for unethical conduct. The process followed is: 1) Understanding the ethical conflict or question in a given situation 2) Naming all the individuals, entities and stakeholders that will be impacted by the ethical question or conflict 3) Fact finding of the reason why ethical question has come into play and what is the situation contributing to this and how has it been addressed in the past within the ethics framework of the company policy 4) Exploring the ethical

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