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Running head: Assignment #1 Assignment #1: What Role Should Ethics and Value Play in Your Career? Abstract Presented is a paper to show the role of ethics and value in my personal career. What Role Should Ethics and Value Play in Your Career? In the past few years, business ethics’ principles have become a significant part in the business world. Many businesses and corporations have failed due to unethical practices. Not only a part of the business world, ethics also shape our daily lives decisions and actions. Seals (2013) defines ethics as the set of rules, principles or values that each person possesses and uses to guide their decision making as to a specific course of action. The definition shows that ethics consist of abstract rules, principles or values that can differ from a person to another, therefore, making it a controversial topic falling under the moral philosophy area that guides our actions and decisions in our daily lives. From a personal career standpoint, my career’s success will be based upon ethics and values. Navran (n.d) defines values as the fundamental beliefs and principles people use to define which is right, good and just as they provide guidance as to determine the right versus the wrong. As a future college graduate, aspiring to run my own business in the near future, my personal values will be the key to my professional career success. My values are common sense, simplicity, optimism, trust, individuality and hard work. These values will be the foundation on which I will build my career. They will always guide my decision making process. In addition to knowing my values, ethics should also be respected in order to be professionally successful and morally right. By knowing and respecting ethics, my future job will not violate any civil or criminal laws and will be morally right. By knowing values and respecting ethics,

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