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After watching the movie, write 1-2 paragraphs about patient rights issues, ethical issues, legal considerations and what are your feelings and thoughts about assisted suicide. I must admit, You Don’t Know Jack gave me a new perspective on the issue of physician-assisted suicide and I have become more understanding of Jack Kevorkian and his intentions. I used to view physician-assisted suicide as something absolutely morally, ethically and legally wrong because it is not within anyone’s right to end another individual’s life. God gave each one of us a life, and only God has the final say. Who was Kevorkian to act like a god? What a merciless human being! After watching the movie, however, I came to realize that part of Dr. Kevorkian’s intention was to “care” for those individuals whose lives were tormented with chronic illnesses and conditions that debilitated, degraded and dehumanized them to the point of desiring death. Dr. Kevorkian recognized that these individuals were equally entitled to patient rights, including autonomy and self-determination. Oftentimes, many of us consider these individuals to be incapable of making decisions of their own because they appear to be handicapped or disabled. We rarely take their wishes into consideration, especially their expression of death. We believe that they are merely talking nonsense and we tell them everything is going to be ok. Yet, Dr. Kevorkian acted on behalf of these patients whose individual and patient rights were violated. Although his method of patient advocacy was rather controversial, his intention was to give these individuals a voice. There was not a moment during the course of the movie when I thought that Dr. Kevorkian acted mercilessly. Each individual patient’s autonomy and self-determination were respected and followed, all while Dr. Kevorkian took the time to get to know the patients

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