Ethics Essay

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Introduction When an organization is considering the needs and agendas of its stakeholders, the role of ethics and social responsibility has a substantial impact on how they are affected in the future. Organizations must keep in mind that their stakeholders will be affected on stages of ethical values, while creating the strategy plan of the business. Ethics is doing business in a way not only is legal but also far in practice throughout the business community. If an organization is going to be successful it must practice social responsibility, moral obligation and also ethical behaviors while taking stakeholder’s needs and agendas into consideration. Ethics Moral duty in business is aware of the justice that comes along with ethics and the expectation of public relations, social responsibility, and behaviors that are reasonable to conduct a profitable business. A code of ethical standards of behavior must be read and understood by all personal within the organization so that everyone will be on the same page and will progress together toward the future of the organization. To make sure that all employees understand these codes of ethics the organization should create a workshop program better to educate and guarantee the appropriate implementation of set standards. All strategic plans and ethical decisions are based on the ethics that are used to shape and manage an organization. Social Responsibility When an organization is running their business the concept of keeping social responsibility extended as part as a daily routine in their business to the forefront will help in their reputation as being a responsible leader to the environment, and its community. Making a profit is very important to the business itself, but social responsibility is going beyond making a profit by keeping not only the environment but also the community safe while creating

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