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Ethics are defined as those standards by which conduct is measured. Because Paralegals are professionals they are held to a higher ethical standard than an average person. Professional ethics are governed by a set of written rules that establish the limits of permissible conduct in the professional's contacts with others as well as the manner in which the professional advances their practice. Article Source: Also, as a general rule, the paralegal needs to make known their status with every person they have contact with, either on the phone or in person, that they are a paralegal or legal assistant and not an attorney. One of the strictest parts of the ethics field is the regulation of the unauthorized practice of law. Each state defines the unauthorized practice of law differently so it's hard to write a clear definition. A common aspect that all definitions include is that when an individual violates a UPL statute, it is a criminal offense. Article Source: As with any other reputable profession, the paralegal code of ethics are the guidelines by which all recognized paralegals of the United States operate under. The paralegal code of ethics is to be upheld by any and every paralegal during all phases of their profession despite the varying environments or circumstances they may find themselves in. The guidelines are strictly enforced by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc (NFPA) and include rules on conduct for aspects such as: discipline, ethical consideration and professional integrity. Any paralegal whose conduct deviates from the responsibilities or provisions of the paralegal code of ethics will find themselves under immediate suspension or termination from their position – no questions asked. The paralegal code of ethics outlines the responsibilities of an individual

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