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Ethics Essay

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Ixia Morales
Business Ethics
Week 2 Homework

What are Joseph’s ethical problems?
Joseph has quite a few ethical problems including honesty, fairness, integrity, and bribes.   Employees know that kickbacks are not legal.   Although the handbook does not specifically say they are against policy, it does say “our company stands for doing the right thing” and kickbacks are obviously not the right thing to do.   Furthermore, the salespeople know that practicing in kickbacks leads to reduced quality and increased prices for customers. Giving and receiving kickbacks are considered bribes and extremely unethical. Bribery is defined as the practice of offering something in order to gain an illicit advantage and is an unlawful act.

Imagine that you are Joseph. Discuss your options.
The first and wrong option would be to turn a blind eye to what is going on.   That might benefit him for a short time but it would not benefit the company.   Eventually, this practice would come out in the open and he would more than likely lose his job and could even face criminal charges.
His best option is for him to report the behavior since he discovered the unethical behavior.   If I were him I would try to take care if this problem by having a meeting with my employees and making it clear the kickbacks are unethical, will not be tolerated, and are grounds for termination.   He did not get very far with Carl when he spoke to him about it and since the vice president is management, I would go directly to the president.

As Joseph, what information do you feel you need before making your decision?
Joseph needs to find out how long this has been going on and the amount of the bribes.   He needs to give upper management all the information he can before reporting it.   He also needs to know what has been done in the past when “kickbacks” were frowned upon.

Discuss in which business areas the ethical problems lie.
One of the ethical problems is abusive behavior. Carl pretty much...

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