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Professional ethics Lesson # 1 What is Ethics? Each society forms a set of rules that establishes the boundaries of generally accepted behavior. These rules are often expressed in statements about how people should behave, and they fit together to form the moral code by which a society lives. Unfortunately, the different rules often have contradictions, and people are sometimes uncertain about which rule to follow. (example) The term morality refers to social conventions about right and wrong that are so widely shared that they become the basis for an established consensus. However, individual views of what is moral may vary by age, cultural group, ethnic background, religion, life experiences, education and gender. Even within the same society, people can have strong disagreements over important moral issues. (example) The study of ethics Ethics – is derived from the Greek word ethos which means “characteristic way of acting” * its Latin equivalent is mos, mores, meaning “tradition or custom” Ethos cultural mannerisms, religion, politics, laws and social aspirations of a group of people. Definition of Ethics * Ethics is a belief about right and wrong behavior within society. Ethical behavior conforms to generally accepted norms-many of which are almost universal. Example: 1. lying and cheating are unethical 2. Opinions about what constitutes ethical behavior often vary dramatically. Example: software piracy- the practice of illegally making copies of software or enabling others to access software to which they are not entitled – range from strong opposition to acceptance of the practice as a standard approach to conducting business * Ethics is the practical science of the morality of human conduct. * Ethics is said to be the study of human motivation , and human rational behavior Human acts are those actions

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