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Different Types of Ethics Pua Edayan ETH/316 August 10, 2012 Fred Staedel Different Types of Ethics Ethics is a big issue that involves different views and beliefs. There are three main theories when concerning comes to ethics. Ethics has become prevalent with the public in the business world today. Virtue theory is based on simplified character and conflicts between the virtues. The action occurs when two different virtues dictate two different types of actions. Any theory that creates contradictions should reject inconsistent theories such as virtue ethics. Issues are not between two bad actions, but between two different solutions to the problem. Utilitarianism is a theory of action when it produces more for the group than any other alternative. This theory is the belief that the value of a thing or action is determined and the ethical theory, which happiness of the greatest number of people in society is considered the greatest good. It is a theory of an individual’s rights that may be infringed upon to benefit a greater population (2011). A theoretical framework for morality, law and politics is based on quantitative of some definition of “utility” for society. Positive change for a larger group would be ethics of a utilitarianism theory. Utilitarianism morally would guide themselves in decisions based on or belong to a group. Deontological theory is the third theory and is a moral theory that emphasizes one’s duty to a particular action because the action itself is inherently right and not through any other sort such as consequences of actions. These three ethical theories address ethics and morality with similarities and differences. One of the main similarities is that one is based on doing right. Mainly they differ who they are focused on doing right whether it is a group or an individual. One of the major differences between virtue

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