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1. Ethics is the branch of study dealing with what is the proper course of action for man. It answers the question, "What do I do?" It is the study of right and wrong in human endeavors. At a more fundamental level, it is the method by which we categorize our values and pursue them. Do we pursue our own happiness, or do we sacrifice ourselves to a greater cause? Ethics is a requirement for human life. It is our means of deciding a course of action. Without it, our actions would be random and aimless. Morals define personal character, while ethics stress a social system in which those morals are applied. In other words ethics point to standards of behavior expected by the group the individual belongs to. 2) Principles of Personal Ethics Personal ethics might also be called morality, since they reflect general expectations of any person in any society, acting in any capacity. These are the principles we try to instill in our children, and expect of one another without needing to articulate the expectation or formalize it in any way. Principles of Personal Ethics include: Concern for the well-being of others, Trustworthiness & honesty, Basic justice; being fair, willing compliance with the law (with the exception of civil disobedience), and Benevolence: doing good. ii) Principles of Professional Ethics Individuals acting in a professional capacity take on an additional burden of ethical responsibility. For example, professional associations have codes of ethics that prescribe required behavior within the context of a professional practice such as medicine, law, accounting, or engineering. These written codes provide rules of conduct and standards of behavior based on the principles of Professional Ethics, which include: Impartiality; objectivity, Confidentiality, Fidelity to professional responsibilities, due diligence / duty of care, and Openness; full

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