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Ethics and Culture Outline Title: Global Harmony: An Explanation of Ethics and Culture in a Global Environment I. Introduction a. Attention Grabber i. Outsourcing ii. Multi-sourcing 1. Are these dirty words? 2. Impact on today’s business 3. These practices are here to stay b. Thesis Statement iii. Practicing personal and professional ethics is important to the future of global business. II. Main Points c. Understanding ethics and culture iv. Definitions 4. “Ethics is the branch of philosophy dealing with the rules of right conduct” 5. “Culture is a particular form of civilization, especially the beliefs, customs, arts, and institutions of a society at a given time.” a. “Culture is composed of many elements, which may be classified in four categories: symbols, heroes, rituals, and values”. i. Symbols- words, objects, gestures ii. Heroes- real or imaginary people dead or alive iii. Rituals- collective activities iv. Values- deepest level of a culture v. What influences ethics? 6. Past b. Parents v. The golden rules c. Teachers and coaches vi. Academics and teamwork 7. Present d. Work vii. “professional code and personal code do not differ; rather, the ethics of my workplace and my personal ethics support each other” 8. Future e. Desired destination viii. Personal goals and accomplishments vi. Varieties of Culture 9. Nationality f. “Involuntary attribute; we are born within a family within a nation, and we are

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