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Case Study After reading and analyzing the case study on “Improving Decision Making and Patron Service in the King County Library System” The case study is primary focusing on how the top management team has the authorities to make certain decisions that seriously affect the line of staffs and the patrons. The resulted was only negative in terms of customer’s services and complaints from the staffs that there were no communications in between those changes. The issues of those changes in the system caused many problems such as tensions between the workers and top management as well as the workers and the customers. The system included 720 employees and a total of 38 branches. With the size of the system and only one director to control it all, certain issues may occur. The central issues are that decisions are being made without consulting with everyone within the system, as well as the lack of communication in between the top management and the staffs. The key players are Bill Ptacek who is the director, the line of staffs, the patrons, and the DAC. The King County Library System is in need of changes when Bill Ptacek came in to replace a retire director. Bill Ptacek came to the library system with the experienced as a director at another public library. He has plenty of experiences with library and he has a very specific plan to update the KCLS to become one of the best main sources for reference and information. Within his short term with library, he had accomplished a lot, but he knows that he still needs to ease the tension between the top management and the staff line. Bill Ptacek came in with the ultimate goal is to “ensure that the library system was structured so that resources were distributed equitably and were coordinated to maximize the value to the community of the library’s offerings” (Chell). Not only Bill Ptacek has goal to improve

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