Ethics, 1960 Essay

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The 1960’s Era was full of history that will be carried on through generations to come. In 2325, a time capsule is located and was delicately disassembled so everyone could check out the contents of what was in it. Items from over 350 years ago would be quite interesting to see and compare to live as we know it today. It was an excellent idea that the contents of the time capsule were in fire-proof boxes so they stayed pretty well preserved. In one fire-proof box, many pictures were found that had a bit of history attached to each picture so those who found it would understand what was going on. The first few pictures showed signs of “For Whites Only” and “For Blacks Only.” Along with these pictures were an attachment that told up until the 1960’s, blacks and whites were segregated and did not use the same things and places. Each ethnic group had their own restrooms, water fountains, and churches and blacks new not to use anything that was labeled “For Whites Only.” Pictures were numbered and eventually pictures showed black gentlemen sitting at a fountain at a Woolworth’s store. It was entitled “The Greensboro Sit In.” “The Greensboro Sit In” was a mark in history as black men sat at the counter waiting to be served that had always been off limits except to white people. This occurred on February 1, 1960. Police were called, the 4 college aged black men refused to leave after being denied service. Black people started having “Sit Ins” throughout the 1960’s and this was a milestone for black people to begin getting service as white people did (The Learning Network, 2012). Another picture showed a black lady who was sitting on a bus and refused to get up and give her seat to a white gentleman. This lady was Rosa Parks, this occurred in 1955 but was the start of the NAACP and the black population to start a change. This black lady felt she had

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