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Ethics While Businesses have invested heavily in an ethics department to address issues unique to them, they have lost sight of basic moral principles in ethics. Almost every company has a policy on ethics, but do they ensure that the employees know what they are? The trend seems to point to companies pushing ethics as it pertains to how or where employees produce the products. Basic ethical values such as integrity, justice, and competence have evolved into a corporate culture that perceives how they interact with the customer rather than the employees in the corporation. Mission and vision statements should drive these “better business practices” with the customer, but it is the corporate ethics departments that have relabeled it and applied it to every form of product interaction. Ethics are born from fundamental human values but have lost its meaning for the employee culture. In a “Model of Business Ethics,” Go¨ran Svensson and Greg Wood state, “It appears that in the 30 years that business ethics has been a discipline in its own right, a model of business ethics has not been proffered.” (p. 303, Svensson; Wood, 2008). They go on further to discuss how business ethics is a phenomenon. According to them, no one seems to have explained satisfactorily what business ethics exactly entails. There is no agreed baseline that corporations use to take and further tailor to their needs. This is where the disconnect occurs when trying to ensure that “Ethics” in itself is used not just for a corporate cultures use, but also for the employee’s culture. The basics of moral principals in ethics are taught to people at the very beginning as children and it continues all throughout our adult life. The very definition of the fundamental purpose or mission of ethics will vary based on different cultural perception. The everyday person should be able to

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