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Kudler Fine Foods Ethics All companies deal with ethical, moral, and social issues. Kudler Foods will be no exception. Through following the law potential issues can be bypassed for a smooth flowing business experience. This will help to remove those who may act unethical, and produce a rewarding environment for those who follow good ethical guidelines. The process of acquiring goods around the globe puts a company a great risk of different countries laws. Kudler’s will maintain the laws set forth by the United States. A code of ethics must be set, and maintained to ensure that laws are not broken. This also helps the employee deal with other employees, customers, and vendors. The employees moral values will also determine how the will deal with adversity. The employees’ morals need to be aligned with that of the company to help the company stay legal. If the employee does not conform to the companies moral standard they will be punished until they do what is right or is terminated. Through clear expectations of what is expected from the employees we can promote a good ethical environment. Peer pressure in this environment will be positive. This means that it will be to the high ethical standards of the company. Through ethical acting management the example will be set how each employee should act in the social environment. The code of ethics can also raise production through promoting a happy work environment. Ethical Standards * Treat all with respect. This will ensure that everyone is treated the same way. * Sexual harassment is not permitted toward anyone. * Tips and bribery are not allowed. We are fairly compensated for the work we do, and should not give anyone money to favor us. Bribery is also illegal and looks negative on the company. * Conflicts of interest must be reported as soon as possible. * Sending or receiving of any

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