Ethical Treatment of Prisoners

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Ethical Treatment of Prisoners SOC 120 Eugene Kaufman April 9, 2012 Ethical Treatment of Prisoners There are people who think that once someone is in prison, they should not have the right to do anything. They should not be able to work towards their degree, earn money or just lounge around in their jail cells watching cable television. Why should these people have the right, when they are the ones who committed a crime? In our text we were introduced to the “social contract – we all agree to obey certain rules simply in order to be able to live together in society”. (Mosser, 2010) If we ourselves do not obey the rules that govern the ethical treatment of prisoners, there would exist a double standard which would upset foundation on which we strive to build our society upon. In my experience I have worked in a Juvenile Detention Facility and a Field Detention Site in Afghanistan. Both places made me think about what our text states about the Deontology Theory, “The dentologist argues that we have a duty, or an obligation, to treat other people with respect; human beings have dignity, and we must take the dignity into consideration when dealing with them”. (Mosser, 2010) So, even though these people have done something completely wrong in my eyes, I still need to treat them with respect and dignity for the sake of keeping my job and not breaking the facility rules and regulations. At the Juvenile Detention Facility, I had to deal with male juvenile sex offenders. I was disgusted when I read the notes while we did the intake process. Some victims were as young as 6 months old and some were disabled senior citizens. In my eyes, these victims could not defend themselves and these juveniles should have been places in a harsher facility. It took a lot out of me to not judge harshly on these juveniles who were wanting to turn their lives around so that they

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