Ethical Treatment of Prisioners Essay

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Ethical Treatment of Prisoners SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor: Kevin Fandl 10/01/12 Treatment of prisoners In order to effectuate these principles, correctional authorities should: (a) Provide prisoners with: (i) Humane and healthful living conditions; (ii) Safety from harm, including protection from punitive or excessive force and protection from abuse by other prisoners and staff; (iii) Necessary health care; (iv) Freedom from staff harassment and invidious discrimination; (v) Freedom of religion and substantial freedom of expression; (vi) Conditions conducive to maintaining healthy relationships with their families; (vii) Opportunities to participate in constructive activity and rehabilitative programs; and (b) Implement effective policies and procedures for: (i) Investigation and resolution of complaints and problems; (ii) Fair and rational decision-making; and (iii) Internal and external oversight of correctional operations. There are million’s of people incarcerated throughout the United States; the ethical treatment of prisoner’s rights must be analyzed. Throughout the years many modifications have been made to accommodate inmates and preserve their basic human rights. Have we as a society done enough regarding the ethical treatment of prisoners or have we made their lives in prison too easy that it is no longer a punishment for them? There are many people in the United States who have strong feelings of what is right and wrong and fall on both sides of this question. Utilitarianism is the belief that moral rules should be choices made by a society to promote the happiness of its members (Mosser, 2010). Through the utilitarian view the argument could be made that these

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